January - Allison S. Harney

31 | 31 January

A quiet and loving moment between a mom and her daughter at the Met.

30 | 30 January

It's key lime pie time of year!!  Every year for my husband's birthday I make him key lime pie.  This year I decided to try to capture some details of the juiced lime.  I want to capture more of these details in everyday life. 

29 | 29 January

Even pigeons like a good snuggle. Especially on a cold winter morning.

28 | 28 January

Sunrise can be just as beautiful in Harlem as anywhere else.

27 | 27 January

In the city that never sleeps it was eerily quiet last night. Snowmageddon didn't quite happen, but even still this morning there were no cars and very few people on the roads. 

26 | 26 January

Everyone is heading home before Snowpocalypse 2015 hits NYC in full force.

25 | 25 January

Using flash has been so great to learn! I have such great flexibility in creating more lighting options, including stopping motion.

24 | 24 January

After a lot of snow overnight it's already melting early in the morning.

23 | 23 January

NYC parks is planting trees in my neighborhood.  This is great news since my neighborhood doesn't have any.  New trees will nicely complement the steel and concrete of the elevated subway tracks, highways and overpasses.

22 | 22 January

Lots of people heading home from work, just like me.

21 | 21 January

It's the last week of my flash class over on Clickin' Moms and this week we're balancing the ambient light with flash.  I like being able to see what the city looks like out the window.

20 | 20 January

Watching traffic go by is so much prettier this way.

19 | 19 January

Nature vs. the city.  A fleeting moment of sunshine on a cloudy day.  I only got one frame before the sun went back behind the clouds and there were no more shadows cast, but I'm happy that I did. And grateful for every joyful moment, no matter how fleeting.

18 | 18 January

On a cold and rainy day it looks like I'll be staying indoors.

17 | 17 January

These are actually the stars seen above NYC.  I love the idea of being able to reveal that sky above the city that is so hidden by the light of the city.  Although I have much to learn about astrophotography, this is a start on that journey.

16 | 16 January

Ummm... I think someone forgot their shoes.

15 | 15 January

14 | 14 January

13 | 13 January

12 | 12 January

11 | 11 January

10 | 10 January

9 | 9 January

Flip-flops in January?? Yes, please!

8 | 8 January

7 | 7 January

Although past their prime, these paperwhite flowers are a refreshing hope for spring in the middle of the winter.

6 | 6 January

Storing these away for another year.

5 | 5 January

The light from the city at night makes this window look like an urban jungle.

4 | 4 January

This is Howard street, in our neighborhood of Rogers Park.

3 | 3 January

Am I seriously posting a picture of a salad container??? Yes, I am.  This year is a year of growth and this salad container is lit using my new flash.  It's not exactly the most exciting image ever, but it does show where I am and where I am heading.

2 | 2 January

This is the story of two reflections.

1 | 1 January

With the start of a new year come new projects!!  In 2015 I've decided to undertake a daily shooting project - one selected picture a day for 365 days.  Fortunately, I have the support of my wonderful husband. I'm looking forward to a year of challenge, growth and adventure :)

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