April - Allison S. Harney

120 | 30 April

On the last day of the month I decided to try something new in post-processing.  I really loved the idea of this shot and experimenting helped it come out even better than I had envisioned. Science + photography = <3

119 | 29 April

This week has been difficult for inspiration.  Instead of finding an interesting story or subject I decided to simplify and look for interesting colors and textures.  Being bored can help push through creative blocks and result in some serious growth.  Eventually. That day is not today.

118 | 28 April

117 | 27 April

116 | 26 April

Today we got a head start setting up our vegetable plot on Howard at the Peterson Garden Project. Really, I should say David did the actual gardening and I took pictures.

115 | 25 April

Today I went on the 2015 Chicago Clickin' Walk with some awesome ladies.  It was cold and rainy but I still had a really fun time. It was great to meet people in person that I've known online for months. This is one of my favorite captures from the walk.

114 | 24 April

I always love flying at night. The world looks like such a different place when you can see all of the streetlights from above.  I am always amused to watch the tiny cars drive around on the highways.

113 | 23 April

112 | 22 April

111 | 21 April

110 | 20 April

Philadelphia has a TON of really beautiful murals.  I would love to spend more time walking around the city and finding these gems.

109 | 19 April

108 | 18 April

It's spring in Philadelphia!! The cherry trees are heavy with flowers.

107 | 17 April

To be honest, I'm not feeling this one today.  When I took it I thought I liked in on the little LCD, but I've been fiddling with it and there's just something not right about it. I was feeling like things were going so great in April that this feels like a set back. But, I'm not going to have portfolio images everyday. On to another attempt tomorrow.

106 | 16 April

Looks like the start of spring! Woohoooo!

105 | 15 April

I live in the flight path to an airport. LaGuardia or JFK or maybe both. They planes fly pretty low and pass overhead quite often. I've been wanting to shoot the passing planes and I've been waiting for some interesting clouds.  I thought I would prefer it in color but I kind of like the way it looks in black and white.

104b | 14 April (again!)

I know I'm only supposed to pick one but I got both of these today and I just got so excited I had to post both.

104 | 14 April

I was cutting limes to add to my water this morning and I really loved the long shadows made from the light from the window.  It's dark and rainy again today but sometimes that flat, low light coming in through the window creates different shadows and reflections.

103 | 13 April

102 | 12 April

I'm back home and having a hard time finding inspiration.  Every day is interesting and sometimes it takes being bored to see it in a new way.

101 | 11 April

One of the things that I appreciate the most about being in the tropics are the trees.  I love the sound of the wind rustling in the leaves of the palm and banana trees and the smell of the plumeria and gardenia flowers. Until the next vacation. 

100 | 10 April

Donkeys. Wild donkeys are saved and cared for at the donkey sanctuary.  There are lots of them.  You can feed them carrots, so as soon as they see you they come right up to you looking for snacks.

99 | 9 April

Bonaire is a desert island. It's filled with cacti, salt flats and wild donkeys. I am always really intrigued by cactus blooms.  They're so interesting and not at all like the flowers glued onto the cacti at the grocery store.

98 | 8 April

This year we decided to get a GoPro to try some underwater photography. Although it's not the same quality that I've been used to with my DSLR it was a lot of fun and I'm quite happy with some of the shots.


97 | 7 April

The close to another awesome day on the ocean.

96 | 6 April

It's been about a year and a half since our last SCUBA trip and it was wonderful to be back in the water.  It's amazing how different life underwater is and seeing it so close is an incredible experience.


95 | 5 April

These guys are all over the place and they're accustomed to people being around. Which worked out well for this image since I only had my 35mm lens and had to get quite close to him. I love all of the details in their scales.

94 | 4 April

We're on vacation this week. But, since I'm posting it now that I'm back home these images are making me miss it already.

93 | 3 April

This guy shares my sentiment about dark and rainy days.

92 | 2 April

91 | 1 April

The days are getting longer, and the sun is setting later.  I'm loving the long shadows.

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