February - Allison S. Harney

59 | 28 February

It's the end of the month and I've made it through the second month of this 365 project!!  Today I was testing out using the light from the living room windows in a new way.  The bright early morning light makes for some dramatic shadows.  I felt like most of February's images were pretty drab and uninspired but I'm happy to end the month on a positive note. 

58 | 27 February

Some early morning rainbows to brighten up the day.

57 | 26 February

It's still a touch on the cold side, and since I like having ALL of my fingers I'm making images inside. Today I'm still working on understanding my 105 mm lens and flash.  Grapes are not so exciting but they have some great color and water texture.  By the time the warmer weather comes around this practice will help with some real, outdoor shooting. Maybe even with people.  Until then, there are grapes.

56 | 25 February

I got a couple of different prisms to add some effects like reflections and rainbows to images.  This is some more fiddling with one of the prisms.  I definitely need much much more practice but I do like it.  It would probably help if I tried this when it's light out.

55 | 24 February

Oh man I love this new lens.  Look at all of that detail!! This little knit owl from my sister lives on my bookshelf and I think I've captured his portrait quite well.

54 | 23 February

Some homemade rainbows to brighten up a winter day.

53 | 22 February

With so many people going places NYC - and especially Times Square - can feel like a blur.

52 | 21 February

Keeping warm with snuggly tea and blankets on a cold Saturday morning.

51 | 20 February

It's a tad cold outside to be making pictures and you can find beautiful light anywhere.

50 | 19 February

This is Rosita. Isn't she pretty??  Last weekend I made a detour through Chicago on my way home from San Diego.  My husband was wonderful and went out and got me a Valentine's day gift even though I showed up on short notice.  This mini rose now brightens up my desk.

49 | 18 February

Paperwhites, take 2.  The first batch of paperwhite bulbs that we planted bloomed while I was away over Christmas so I missed most of them.  These ones just started blooming this week so I get to see them all blooming. They smell delicious and it's wonderful to have a taste of spring in February.

48 | 17 February

Mmmmmm... beets!!  Growing up we never ate beets. My parents didn't like them and they said they taste like dirt.  But since I've been getting CSA vegetables I've been eating them and loving them.  The winter CSA is full or root vegetables that can be stored.  A roasted beet salad is a delicious treat.

47 | 16 February

46 | 15 February

To escape the cold and snow we went to the orchid exhibit at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.  A little tropical weather in a greenhouse and music keep the winter blues away.

45 | 14 February

Lovers in red on a beautifully sunny Valentine's Day. (Still in San Diego in case you thought this might be NYC or Chicago)

44 | 13 February

The USS Midway, a retired aircraft carrier that is now a museum.

43 | 12 February

These pedicabs are everywhere in the gaslamp quarter of San Diego.

42 | 11 February

41 | 10 February

Today I'm in a hotel.  This suite has two beds, two tvs, a couch and more.  None of that will be really used.

40 | 9 February

With a historic snowfall this winter I'm sure there are many cars like this little VW Beetle that were buried under a couple of feet of snow.  With a warmer weekend the snow started to fall off.  Quite a bit more will have to melt before (or be shoveled out) before this guy is going anywhere.

39 | 8 February

Staying warm (and caffeinated) on a cold and dreary winter day.

38 | 7 February

Love this neighborhood, even in the cold and the snow.

37 | 6 February

Heading into Chicago over lake Michigan.

36 | 5 February

Golden hour in the Bronx.

35 | 4 February

Pigeons on a wire.  They don't often do this because they're so big. They must be pretty cold today.

34 | 3 February

Sunsets.  People have entire albums of just sunsets.  Another day coming to a close. Ready to start it all again tomorrow.

33 | 2 February

Icicles will only last for maaayyybe another day.

32 | 1 February

This year we've resolved to watch less tv and read more.

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