March - Allison S. Harney

90 | 31 March

The case of the disappearing cat.

89 | 30 March

Another day of this.  It will only be another couple of days before it wilts so I'm taking advantage of it while I can.

88 | 29 March

A bunch of people ran a half marathon today in Philly in really cold weather. I took pictures instead.

87 | 28 March

Ameeeericaaaa, spread your golden wiiiiings, fly on freedom's wiiiiiinds eating piiiieeesss.  (Somewhere in New Jersey, as seen from a moving train.)

86 | 27 March

It's raining here today so I'm enjoying the bright flowers from inside.

85 | 26 March

A happy to face to greet the day.

84 | 25 March

83 | 24 March

This is my version of urban "where's Waldo?"

82 | 23 March

"Finding the light".  When first learning about photography one of the tips you'll often find on websites is to "learn to find the light".  It can be really frustrating to see people post these beautiful images and not know how to go about "finding the light". What does that even mean?  It's a lightbulb moment when you get it. This image reminded me of that.

81 | 22 March

I know, I know. More sunsets from this window.  I just love love the light in this window. Soooo, you'll probably see more of them since there are 284 more days this year.

80 | 21 March

Just another day in the Bronx.

79 | 20 March

I like warm hugs.

78 | 19 March

77 | 18 March

These plants are enjoying the spring sunshine as much as I am.

76 | 17 March

One of the things that I really like about this apartment is that most of the buildings in the area are smaller so I can see the bridges into Manhattan and Queens in the distance.

75 | 16 March

Back at the airport, this time heading in the other direction.  There are many more travelers this morning, most of them look ready to do business with their roll-aboards, heels and power suits. 

74 | 15 March

73 | 14 March

Can you guess where we are today?? I don't know if Piggly-wiggly's even exist in any other state. 

72 | 13 March

Landing at O'Hare always feels like coming home. But, so does going to New York or home to see my parents.  When I go "home for the weekend" it can be any of those places.  I really enjoy the crazy lighting in this hallway to get to baggage claim.  I don't often fly into this terminal anymore, so it was an unexpected treat to see these lights.

71 | 12 March

One of the greatest benefits of this project has been a greater appreciation of the small things in life.  I was brushing my teeth and saw how colorful the shampoo bottles looked in the morning sun.  Looking for the small moments that make every day unique or worth remembering has made me slow down and see the beauty in details I've seen but never paid attention to.

70 | 11 March

I love to cook. Although this kitchen is on the tiny side, I love the way the light comes in at sunset. It makes making dinner that much more beautiful.

69 | 10 March

My apartment is across the street from a primary school so when I walk to work in the morning I often cross paths with many parents walking their kids to school. Not everyone is a morning person.  Some of these kids are super chatty and excited while some are practically being dragged. Either way watching the parents hold their hands and seeing that love is always endearing.

68 | 9 March

I got another prism in the mail today, and I really like this one!!  I'm excited to give it a try during the day to see what kinds of rainbows it makes.  I like how this makes the two lights on the wall look like some abstract chandelier. 

67 | 8 March

66 | 7 March

Cans of Campbell's soup remind me of my childhood. My parents would cook up a can of soup for lunch and my sister and I had the choice of a grilled cheese or a cheese thing to eat with it.  A cheese thing is toast with cheese melted on top. Kind of like an open faced grilled cheese. But, a grilled cheese is made with Kraft cheese slices and a cheese thing is made with cheddar. I don't know if anyone else ever had these.  I haven't bought Campbell's soup in years so these were a surprise when I opened the cupboard.

65 | 6 March

As I was walking back across the street after finishing an experiment, I noticed how great the sun looked as it set. There were beautiful rays on sun reflecting off of the snow and you could see the texture of the footprints and the top of the snow.  I ran up to the lab to finish something quickly and got back outside 15 mins later.  But, this is all I got. I missed it. The sun had already dipped below the houses and all of those reflections were gone. :(  So, stay tuned because I still might be able to catch it before the snow melts.

64 | 5 March

So apparently I was a little premature in my hope for spring. I promise I won't quit my job to become a meteorologist.

63 | 4 March

The glow of the light reflected off of the wet brick makes today's rain bearable.  At least it's rain. Maybe spring is around the corner?

62 | 3 March

I know it's another skyline from my apartment window.  But, today with the snow in the evening the sky turned this pink-gray color.  The haziness from the falling snow makes the city feel so quiet.

61 | 2 March

Just as I got home today I saw this beautiful pink sunset out of my kitchen window.  I was in a hurry to get out for a run before it got too dark but this was too pretty to pass by.  Sunsets like this make me grateful for the day and that I get to do it all over again tomorrow.

60 | 1 March

Pothos, the impossible-to-kill house plant.  It wilts slowly and gives me ample time to remember to water it.  This is fortunate since I like having this guy around to add some pop to my kitchen.  It's snowing again here today, but pothos don't care. He's just happy to soak up the bit of sun from the window in his small corner.

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