May - Allison S. Harney

151b | 31 May

I know I already picked one but this just too awesome not to post!!  I love this. I've always wanted to capture lightning and this is my first success.  Can't wait to try it again!

151 | 31 May

Happy Sunday, you guys! 

150 | 30 May

Another busy summer night in the city.

149 | 29 May

Today I went downtown to try to capture some awesome images of Manhattanhenge - when the sun aligns with the grid of Manhattan at sunset.  But, it was too cloudy so no sun.  I did, however, capture this.  Which made the whole trip worth it.

148 | 28 May

I used my old but newly modified 50 mm lens to do some freelensing. I love it. I need more of this in my life.

147 | 27 May

Walking in the rain.

146 | 26 May

145 | 25 May

I know this is the 3rd time I took a picture of these plants. What can I say, it makes a good subject and the light here is always interesting.

144 | 24 May

This is Peep-peep.  David found him on the ground while he was watering the plants. He's a big baby bird that can't fly yet and must have fallen out of his nest. We put him up in a tree hoping his Mama will still be able to feed him until he's big enough to fly on his own.

143 | 23 May

142 | 22 May

This guy clearly misses his buddy.

141 | 21 May

140 | 20 May

One of the things that I've really come to appreciate from living in a city is the graffiti and street art. In my neighborhood that changes frequently.  Love the hearts this artist used.

139 | 19 May

Bridges to Manhattan at night.

138 | 18 May

This again, I know. But, I wanted to try it at night with the city lights coming in through the window and the high grain. It's different and I like it.

137 | 17 May

Back home after several days away.  It's always nice to be home.

136 | 16 May

I badly want to take pictures of the moon. Maybe I'll rent a lens to give it a try. But, I do love clouds at night too.

135 | 15 May

134 | 14 May

133 | 13 May

132 | 12 May

Spherical nucleic acids. Today I went to work with David for a bit and he has this model of a nanoparticle on his desk.  This has been such a big part of his life, it's worth documenting.

131 | 11 May

130 | 10 May

One of the nice surprises from being back in Kitchener this weekend is that I got to extend the time of trees blooming.  As I left New York the flowers had pretty much all fallen off of the trees.  Here, the trees just started blooming in time for Mother's Day.

129 | 9 May

It feels like summer this weekend so that means Evelyn is back in a hammock and we all have dirty feet.

128 | 8 May

I'm at my parents place this weekend visiting family for Mother's Day.  Although I've spent a lot of time in this house this weekend I'm seeing it in a new way. 

127 | 7 May

Days like today pass in a blur. Back on another airplane.

126 | 6 May

I was at a conference for a week and my little rose didn't get watered :(  But, she's a tough cookie and is coming back!!

125 | 5 May

124 | 4 May

Today I was walking to a meeting and the flower petals were blowing off of the fruit trees. I wanted to come back to capture it later, but when I came back at the end of the day there were no blowing petals. I don't know if it was the time of day or what. But, the trees are still beautiful.

123 | 3 May

I got a request for more images from work.  Seems to make sense since I spend so much time there. But, I've tried and I just can't seem to get it right. The good news is that I'm there often so I have lots of opportunities to try again.

122 | 2 May

Today I went down to the Whitney Museum block party to see A Tribe Called Red. I was really excited to see them and they did not disappoint. They had awesome energy and their round dance was such a positive way to end the night.

121 | 1 May

Views from the High Line. In a city as big as New York where you pass so many anonymous strangers, this is a great reminder.

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